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What does Kindstep Ltd do?
What is Kind Systems?

Kind Systems covers the needs of the most life-critical challenges of our civilization in the developing countries and crisis areas, as well as the needs of the public sector and defence forces in the modern world.

Kind Systems provides modern, yet cost-effective, sustainable solutions for temporary facilities.


Kind Systems represents a unique set of Intellectual Property in order to provide sustainable, end-to-end solutions to our customers. Our knowledge spans among others the political, cultural and security aspects.


Our planning and design processes are based on careful analysis of the situation at the destination. We understand the uncertainty and the extremely complex situations our clients are facing, and we design sustainable solutions which address both the material and immaterial aspects of the challenge.


Our network feature representants from the public sector, defence forces, world-wide crisis management organizations and health institutes, and from the top of the political sector, to name a few.

Our top-notch expertise, experience and wide professional network allow us to deliver sustainable solutions to even the most challenging situations.


Palttinakatu 2
15230 Lahti, FINLAND

  • +358 44 522 3792